Monday, March 14, 2011

exhibition, playground, structural bands

Your skype account wasn't online so I'll try to run through these sketches of three concept explorations from our last meeting.

Exhibition (click on the sketch images to see more detail)
-concrete rail edge profile formed and embossed to recall a ornamental paneling of amusement rides/facades in a distilled/simplified manner
-ceiling scape and forest of hanging rope suspending tables, chairs, benches (recalling swing carousel rides)
-faceted (metallic?) paneling along solid cores beneath concrete roofscape
-grid field of led bulbs line underside of ceiling, possibly mirrored

-flaring continuous metal side rail/fin similar to the one at diagonal mar park but angled outward. inner rail security rail also present. this two planed rail component is anchored to the concrete roof structure. see section.
-playground metal tubing rails line the exterior surface of building, patterned to create a climbing wall. some may extend further outward to become benches, tables, or extended play structure.
-same metal tubing/patterning is underside mounted from the ceiling and double as lighting fixtures. see section.
-same metal tubing becomes a tangled play sculpture in the outdoor forecourt also sketched are disc bowls that spin (children's seating) like the ones at diagonal park

Structural Bands
-playing off of jon's hairy mesh model, these structural ribbons support the concrete roof plane. they could potentially have varying depths to accommodate functional uses such as seating/reading/tanning/upper roof rail.
-between the structural bands that become the upper roof rail, a finer filament of metal rods/wires, patterned to fill these gaps.
-another row(s) of ribbon could appear within the interior with again a partial functional/space defining role. see section.
-canteen and and washroom cores appear as independent elements beneath the roof.

I'll post some images related to the exhibition concept in the next post.

I am away Tuesday, but let me know when you plan to meet again.

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